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Catalogue > Drinking & Dining > Tankards
: "A pewter mug is the final ingredient in a perfect beer." It tastes much better from pewter. The unique and individual collection of Alchemy Gothic tankards are hand made in a heavier 0.26 gauge pewter, in our traditional workshops in Sheffield, England.
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Dragon [While Stocks Last]
Amber: Limited Available AAT10 Alchemy Gothic
Price: USD $ 125.00

Turpin's Gallows Leather Tankard
Green: In Stock / Available AAT36 Alchemy Gothic
Price: USD $ 120.00

Freya Saga Tankard
Green: In Stock / Available AAT7 Alchemy Gothic
Price: USD $ 110.00

Viking Horn Tankard
Green: In Stock / Available AAT25 Alchemy Gothic
Price: USD $ 130.00