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Z_001_SPG - Steampunk Brass Goggles
Unique steam punk themed goggles from "Professor Maelstromme's Steam Laboratory". These brass framed goggles are made to the highest standards, with venting on the sides to prevent fogging. Features include cushioned leather oculars, replaceable lenses, and a variety of interchangeable options are available to complete your dramatis personae.
Each set of these goggles is a unique one-off the image shown is a single example only.

Ref. Code: Z_001_SPG
Product Type:  Steampunk Goggles
Size (approx.) One size
Availability: Ordered on request
Price: USD $ 128.00

Additional Information:
Disclaimer - These goggles are a novelty item. These goggles do not conform to OSHA or any other protective standard. They are not recommended for the operation of any motorized or self-propelled vehicle. The makers do not claim that they will protect you from anything, but they will look really cool!